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Weekend Rally Northern Rivers

Saturday May 29th - South Walsham - mud weight.

Sunday May 30th - Stracey Arms - Acle end.

Southern Rivers Cruise - Yare

Monday May 31st - Rockland Short Dyke

Tuesday June 1st - Commissioner's Cut

Wednesday June 2nd - Surlingham Ferry

Thursday June 3rd - Langley Dyke

Friday June 4th - Fishley

Weekend Rally Northern Rivers

Saturday June 5th - Cold Harbour Farm

Sunday June 6th - Home

Weekend Rally Northern Rivers

Saturday June 19th - Hickling

Sunday June 20th - Home

Northern Rivers Cruise

Saturday July 3rd - Hunters Yard

Sunday July 4th - Cold Harbour Farm

Monday July 5th - Barton Broad

Tuesday July 6th - Wayford / Dilham

Wednesday July 7th - Barton Turf

Thursday July 8th - Neatishead Staithe

Friday July 9th - Malthouse Broad

Saturday July 10th - Fishley

Sunday  July 11th - Home

Northern Rivers Cruise

Saturday July 30th - Cold Harbour Farm

Sunday August 1st - Acle / Stokesby

Southern Rivers Cruise

Monday August 2nd - Herringfleet / Dutch Tea Gardens

Tuesday August 3rd - Geldeston

Wednesday August 4th - Worlingham / North Cove

Thursday August 5th - Dutch Tea Gardens

Friday August 6th - Stracey Arms Acle end

Northern Rivers Cruise

Saturday August 7th - Fishley

Sunday August 8th - Home

Northern Rivers Cruise

Saturday 21st August - Fishley / Upton

Sunday 22nd August - Black Horse Broad

Monday 23 August - South Walsham Broad / Fleet Dyke

Tuesday 24th August - Cold Harbour Farm

Wednesday 25th August - Catfield Dyke

Thursday 26th August - Deep Dyke

Friday 27th August - West Somerton

Saturday 28th August - Hickling

Sunday 29th August - Waxham Cut / Horsey Mere

Monday 30th August - Home

Northern Rivers Weekend

Saturday September 11th - Horsey

Sunday September 12th - Home